SMARTPOLL™ Portable Voting Booths are perfect for today's demanding Voting Conditions and busy Poll worker. The compact, lightweight and durable design Voting Booth has foldable aluminum legs which quickly and easily fits into the underside of the ABS plastic table. Our Innovative Snap lock system (Patent Pending) ensure perfectly leveled legs and prevent legs from falling off after assembly. Ideal for a Poll worker to assemble in shortest duration. (less than a minute !)

Our design is engineered to provide high durability and one of the sturdiest in the industry!

Set Up a SMARTPOLL™ Voting Booth ANYWHERE!

SMARTPOLL™ Voting booths allow Poll Workers to setup a booth within a minute. This sturdy, durable Voting Booth can be used as regular table if privacy shield is removed ! If the legs are removed, the same table can be used as a desk top Voting Booth ! SMARTPOLL™ Voting booths come in various options like Stand alone versions, ADA Compliant Versions, Booths with Light etc. We also have a wide array of accessories to go with the product.

Perfect for the busy Poll Worker. Surprisingly inexpensive, this is a VOTING BOOTH Poll workers and Election managers should seriously consider.

Rugged ABS Plastic Construction Innovative Snap Lock System
Easy store partions at underside of table for storing aluminum legs. Rugged ABS plastic construction for Voting Table Surface.
Innovative Snap lock system (patent Pending)To ensure perfectly leveled legs and To prevent legs from falling
off after assembly.

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